About Me

Erin MesselFor the majority of my career, I have been at Anthology Inc. (formerly known as iModules Software) in Kansas City, which specializes in software and websites for higher education. Throughout my time with Anthology, I have primarily worked with the proprietary CMS, called Encompass, designing and building websites for advancement offices and alumni associations. I started working for iModules in 2010 as a “Web Producer” (remember when we used terms like that?!), and in the 10 years since my role has changed multiple times.

Most recently, my title was changed to “Front-End Development Architect Lead.” My duties included training and mentoring junior members of my team, developing and maintaining team best practices, standards and processes, working on an interdepartmental team to create new product packages and tools for customers, and regular hands-to-keyboard production of new websites in Encompass from Sketch and Adobe Photoshop files in HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Every few months I am also called on for my design skills, creating new site designs in Sketch to be built out by myself or a team member. One of my favorite things to do is to take a layered design file and create a functional site.

In my time at iModules, my skills in all areas have truly grown. In addition to development of technical skills, my interpersonal, management, and presentation skills have flourished. I am a regular presenter at the iModules user conference (known as Sizzler), having given six presentations individually, and led three sessions in collaboration with coworkers or customers.

In addition, I regularly help answer customer questions via phone, scope potential projects, and write documentation on team processes or the Encompass CMS. I also have taken on the role of the accessibility/WCAG expert on the team, and make it a personal mission that the sites my team produces are as accessible to as many users as possible.

Prior to joining Anthology/iModules, I acted as web content producer for local and national corporate divisions of Townsquare Media (formerly Regent Communications), a radio group formerly based in Covington, KY. At Townsquare, I collaborated with on-air staff, marketing, and sales professionals to create content, graphics, and ads for websites, display campaigns, and email promotions. In addition, I collaborated with sales and marketing to create reports for both email and website analytics.

Personal Life

I’ve lived in the Kansas City metro area most of my life, though I did go to college at the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. While at school, I spent a semester abroad in the United Kingdom, which was a fantastic life experience. I currently live with my husband, son and dog. We spend our free time watching lots of Paw Patrol, and all the local professional sports teams, the Royals, Chiefs and Sporting KC.